Zoos and Aquariums Share Videos of Wild Animals Meeting Each Other For the First Time

Our lives have completely turned upside down due to the outbreak. While we’re stuck at home, others are benefited from the situation and breakout instead of being locked in enclosures or invade cities.

Although most businesses are closed nowadays, including zoos and aquariums, the animals’ caregivers still go to work each day to make sure that the animals are okay and care for them properly. 

Since the zoos and aquariums are closed, there are no visitors, and the employees tend to get bored pretty often. That’s why during work they take many pictures and videos of the adorable animals, so they could share them with all of us here on social media. The adorable animals instantly splash some sunshine on our day and show us that life is still beautiful.

Although there are so many videos going around, the crowd’s favorites seem to be ones where two different animal species meet together. For example, a few days ago, a sea lion met a tegu and was completely freaked out. The video was posted on social media and went viral within minutes. 

To ease your mind and soul, we wanted to gather as many sweet and comical videos as possible, to brighten your day and have you enjoy adorable and heartwarming animals to remind you how fantastic our world truly is.

A few days ago, a sea lion met a tegu and was completely freaked out. The hilarious video went viral

Many people enjoyed the video and laughed about the sea lion’s funny face when he was surprised by the tegu. Twitter is buzzing over this video since it is utterly hilarious, and also because it raises awareness about animals being locked in captivity their whole lives.

Furthermore, we all must remember that this epidemic is affecting them as well. While the animals’ caregivers are doing their best to care for them, they still have a hard time supplying them with their usual care. Moreover, when the workers get bored, they usually let the animals meet other species that they don’t know to see how they react.

It looks like many zoos and aquariums take advantage of the free time, and introduce wild animals to one another for the first time

The Cincinnati zoo had also introduced between a red river hog and some adorable meerkats at the Africa habitat. The caretakers at the zoo were so touched by the curiosity in the meerkats’ eyes.  

At the Maryland Zoo, the employees decided to have a little fun and familiarize their magnificent Indian runner duck with their adorable penguins

The caregivers were so excited to see how the duck would react. 

All of those beautiful gatherings are documented on video and posted all over social media

The famous San Diego Zoo had also decided to have their sweet little coati meet an adorable gorilla. The gorilla was deeply fascinated with the coati. 

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois, decided to get creative and show a Magellanic penguin looking at his friends inside the aquarium from outside, what a mind-warp!

The sweet penguin had a nice time out and wanted to go back to his pals.

The zoos are trying to put a smile on our faces, and help us distract our minds from the coronavirus pandemic and the news 

Truth be told, these cute meet-ups between animals are quite common among the zookeeper community, they just don’t usually post those videos on social media

If you like to look at cutie wild animals all day, many zoos and aquariums are willing to connect you to their live streams

The zoos and aquariums explain that they don’t want to lose their client base and wish to help people escape from the coronavirus anxiety, which surrounds us daily. If it isn’t the news, it’s our friends or family and even social media.

Ever since the lockdown started, many zoos and aquariums have been sharing their stories online and helping people have their mind on positive content the news usually don’t show us.

If the coronavirus and the related media stories had made you feel sad, you can easily enjoy the adorable videos the zoos and aquariums share or join their live streams. 

Just go to their pages and watch the beautiful wild animals: The Dallas Zoo, The Cincinnati Zoo, the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and Tropical Reef Aquarium in Long Beach California, are all offering free live streams.

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