Zookeepers Move Into Park For 12 Weeks Of Self-Isolation With Animals

It’s safe to say that at this point almost all parks and zoos closed their doors to the public, due to the coronavirus outbreak, and while every park has it’s own unique approach to the animal’s time-out from humans, you can’t help but admire the dedication of the zoo staff members in our next story.

Paradise Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Hayle, UK, that is home to many exotic wild animals such as red pandas, penguins, colorful parrots, flamingos, and other fascinating creatures. Following the country’s nationwide lockdown, Paradise Park was forced, for the first time ever, to close its doors to the public.

The staff was ordered to go into self-isolation, but a few, rather dedicated zookeepers, knew that they couldn’t just abandon their beloved animals. The incredibly dedicated workers volunteered to spend their 3 months of quarantine at the zoo, away from their home and family.

The zoo acknowledged the worker’s commitment on their Facebook page, posting: ‘As we reach the point when the Park temporarily closes, everything is in place to ensure the birds and animals will be fed and cared for and have enriching opportunities every day.

Three of our Keepers Izzy, Emily and Sarah-Jane have volunteered to move in at the Park for which we are very grateful. They are leaving their families, some of whom are following 12 week self-isolation periods. They will be supported by other Keepers on a daily basis, observing all the relevant guidelines.’

The three staff members can enjoy some time-out from their furry friends, in an office that was converted to their cozy home away from home, for the following twelve-week quarantine.
Following the sudden lack of income from visitors, Paradise Park’s management started a GoFundMe campaign that is aimed to help pay for the animal’s food, vet bills, and other expenses. Alison Hales, the park’s director, addressed this issue when she posted: ‘The unknown is very worrying. Spring is usually a hopeful time where we get an influx of visitors and we can breathe a sigh of relief. It is now as if the rug has been pulled. I’m sure we will be ok. We are relying on the birds to show us the way. We will come out the other end.’

If you wish, you can support the sanctuary by leaving a donation here.
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