Young Boy Builds A Lego Wheelchair For Abandoned Pup

Gracie’s life began in cruel. She was just a tiny puppy when her first owners abandoned her and left her to fend for herself in the street. She was struggling, trying to survive, infested with maggots.

When her rescuers came across her one day, they approached the poor pup and discovered she didn’t have front legs, seemingly due to birth defect. Although her past remained unknown, it was clear that she had been through some real hardships.

Happily, she found an incredible forever family who runs a shelter. The Turley family had a family dog with special needs already. A 3-legged Chihuahua that would become best friends with Gracie. She was still growing in size, making it hard to find her a wheelchair that fits her. But when Dylan, a 12-year-old volunteer, heard about the complicated situation, he had a lightbulb moment.

Dylan thought about making her a makeshift wheelchair with Lego! Using Lego would allow her family to readjust it whenever it’s needed. And so he did, he build a colorful wheelchair, and his creative initiative worked incredibly well – thanks to the Lego wheelchair, Gracie was able to take her first steps.

Gracie grew in size and personality, and as she grew up, her wheelchair grew in size as well. Today, Gracie is a happy dog who enjoys her bountiful life! She loves playing with her siblings using her adjustable wheelchair.
Thanks to Dylan’s brilliant idea, Gracie can move freely, till she is old enough to have a real wheelchair.

Watch Gracie and her Lego wheelchair on the video below:

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