You Won’t Believe This Dog’s Looks! Is He A Human?

This dog is a living proof that reincarnation exists. Has your dog ever given you a human-look that made you wonder whether it was a human in a dog’s body? Well, this dog has the funniest and most relatable looks.

Meet Old Man Bacon, an elderly rescue dog that has been providing the internet a dose of doggy humor. This Dachshund, Chihuahua, and Pekingese mix have the most stylish white beard that makes him look even more grumpy.

On his Instagram account, you could see pictures of him looking irritated or anxious as if someone just notified him that the world was coming to an end or even worse, he will receive no more treats

“Say WHAAAT!?”

His owners created Bacon an Instagram account that has drawn over 28K followers! They post every now and then the most hilarious pictures!

“Umm… I don’t think so..”

But don’t worry, Bacon is a happy pooch that enjoys life to the fullest, he’s not distressed all the time, but he surely knows how to express himself.

Bacon was rescued over two and a half years ago, and he happily lives with his incredible forever family and his labrador retriever sibling in Florida.

Don’t forget to follow Bacon’s Instagram account (@thebaconator)

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