You can pick up your favorite book or kitten in this Canadian bookstore

If you’re reading these lines it’s probably because, well…  you love both reading and kittens. If that’s your case then this bookstore in Halifax, Canada seems like the perfect place for you!“Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee” is just like any other bookstore, other than the fact that it’s completely filled with cute foster kittens that wander freely around its bookshelves.

Customers are welcome to unwind on one of the store’s many sofas, with a good book in one hand and a nice cuppa in the other, all while enjoying the company of adorable kittens, all of whom are up for adoption.

The bookstore’s owner, Ellen Helmke, started the program by teaming up with the South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia (SPCA).  So far about 30 kittens have been adopted, a number that converts to a hundred percent adoption rate!

The adoption program has contributed to her business just as much as it did to the cats, as it helped draw more customers to her bookstore than before.

If you’re planning to adopt a new furry friend through Otis & Clementine’s program, you should note that the kittens are usually adopted within a few days, so you better act fast. There’s also an adoption fee of CAD 255 (or USD 195), that goes to cover all of the costs including medical expenses. Adopters are also asked to provide the SPCA with references that prove that they are capable of providing the kittens with warm forever homes.

If you’re a Canadian that happens to live near Halifax, Nova Scotia you have to visit Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee

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