You Can Now Visit An Island Full Of Friendly Wolves

Did you ever dream about going to sleep in the middle of a dense forest, to the sound of howling wolves? Always wanted to witness the magnificent hunting techniques of a wolf pack? Ever wondered whether the fur of wolves is as soft as your golden’s? Well, whatever your reason may be, now you can!

The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary is a wildlife refuge, that offers its visitors 2-hour tours that guarantee close encounters with friendly wild wolves.

Located in Anacortes WA, only an hour and a half north of Seattle, the sanctuary is strategically located near the Canadian border, so they too can enjoy the company of these majestic beasts.

Not all wolves are as friendly to humans as the ones in the sanctuary. It took a lot of skill patience and persistence to accustom these wolves to human presence.

And it’s not only wolves that call the sanctuary their home. It’s also home to cougars, sloths, parrots, foxes, reptiles and many other fascinating creatures!

Reporting on this unusual sanctuary made us wonder how wolves are doing globally, and whether they’re in any danger of extinction. Well here’s what we’ve found. According to experts, the current state of wolf populations globally is closely tied to their location. Wolf communities in rural areas, where the human population is sparse thrive, while the wolf communities that inhabit areas closer to human settlements are struggling and require protection.

The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary sounds like the perfect place to be these days right? Well, don’t go running to your car just yet. Tours need to be pre-booked through Airbnb and start at $200 US.

When we checked availability the schedule seemed suspiciously free, so it is quite possible that all the tours are postponed until the global coronavirus outbreak will finally come to an end, but feel free to check for yourself here.

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