You Can Now Sip Wine And Watch A Movie With Your Dog At The Theater

Every dog owner would agree that having your dog with you makes everything much better. It seems like theaters owners understand that too since more of them are becoming dog-friendly and let people have their canine companions with them at the movies.

From now on, you won’t need a date or friend joining you at the theater in order to watch a movie accompanied by your loved ones; you can now take your favorite furry pal with you.

These days you can find incredible movie theaters that allow pets, serve a full dinner menu, alcohol, and some even feature beds for snuggling! What a better way to watch a movie than cuddling with your four-legged companion.

Meet K9 Cinemas, they have been open since December, but they’re a huge hit for local dog owners and even had their theater covered on People, Southern Living, and Time Magazine.

K9 Cinemas has decided to take things to the next level by inviting its customers to bring up to two furry friends with them. On top of that, the dog-friendly movie theater from Plato, Texas,  serves bottomless wine or for whiskey-lovers, four servings of Whiskey.

We know that leaving your dog at home is always hard, but now you can have quality time watching a movie and drink a glass of wine while snuggling up with your pooch on comfy couches.

They wrote on their website: “We have a big heart for our furry family members in our lives and believe they should get a night out with you!”

The movies are the kinds that dogs can actually enjoy without being scared of loud sounds, and most of them are about dogs.

K9 Cinemas doesn’t tell you what movie you’re paying for; it surprises its moviegoers with great films.

While establishing a dog-friendly movie theater requires lots of special changes, K9 Cinemas has everything covered! They offer snacks for canines and humans, and there’s also a special area where dogs can meet and make friends.

As the dog-friendly theater claims to be the first of its kind in the world, they take it seriously and ensure that the canine moviegoers had all the necessary vaccines and are being on a leash. 

What a remarkable initiative! We hope to write more about dog-friendly businesses that allow humans having their beloved furry companions with them.

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