You Can Now Have A Cup Of Coffee Surrounded By Adorable Fluffy Sheep

In a world that has bookstores dedicated to kittens, dog-friendly sports bars and even a café dedicated entirely to Corgis, nothing can really surprise you right? well, think again!

South Korea, the country that brought us Gangnam Style and K-pop, is now proud to present Thanks Nature Cafe, the world’s first sheep coffee shop. The cafe, that’s located in Seoul, opened back in 2011, when animal cafes just started to grow in popularity.
We first heard about Thanks Nature Cafe, after we came across these adorable images of sheep getting bathed, groomed and then turning all cute and fluffy.

The images emerged on almost every social media platform, and quickly went viral, so we knew we had to find their source. After countless hours of hectic research and buckets of ice cream, we found the Seoul-based cafe.

It turns out that the sheep in the pictures are only some of the many others that call the Thanks Nature Cafe home.

The cafe is divided into two sections. On the first, you can enjoy a nice cuppa coffee or any other beverage you please, while on the other, you can pet, play, or simply enjoy the company of adorable fluffy sheep.

Lee Kwang-ho, the owner and founder of the cafe, is surprised by the amount of attention his sheep cafe is getting. In an interview to the Independent back in 2015, Lee said: “I don’t know how this place was known to the world, but I had visitors from all over the world coming to see my sheep, from Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, even some countries I don’t know well,”

Smart Travel website nominated Thanks Nature Cafe to be one of the world’s 9 cutest animal cafes, and we definitely agree.

We sure hope that Thanks Nature Cafe will be able to pull through these times of uncertainty and remain the special and adorable place it is.

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