You Can Now Adopt Pups That Didn’t Pass Government Training For Being “Too Friendly”

Learning to be a service dog isn’t easy; it takes lots of dedication, patience, and concentration to pass the training. But there are some pups who unfortunately didn’t make the cut for all kinds of reasons.


You probably wonder what happens to them. Well, the failed recruits are usually put up for adoption. Although they didn’t make the cut, they are still incredible dogs and can make perfect furry friends.

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Several government organizations have initiated canine adoption programs, so the ones who didn’t pass the training could still get forever families.

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Reportedly, there are various reasons why some pups aren’t able to uphold the requirements. Some showed a lack of motivation while others just didn’t fit the criteria, and some are too nice to pass the training.


But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t hard workers or lazy; they are just not suitable for a government-trained dog career.

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Guide Dogs of America mostly offers Labrador retrievers and also has some German shepherds and golden retrievers. The official TSA Canine Adoption Program has Labrador retrievers, German shorthaired, Belgian Malinois, and German shepherds that wait to find caring families that are highly active.

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Other organizations, including Freedom Service Dogs of America and Mission K9 are looking for loving homes for many sweet and friendly dogs.

For more information about adopting one of the precious dogs, please contact the organizations.

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