The World’s Tallest Dog Is Now Also The Oldest Living Great Dane

While some dogs are natural-born winners, Freddy the Great Dane is more like a canine version of Michael Jordan. After holding the Guinness World Record for being the world’s tallest dog, the 7-foot (2.2 M), 210-pound (95 Kg) pooch, recently won yet another title.

The enormous Great Dane lives in Norfolk, UK, with his mother Claire Stoneman, and Fleur, his sister. Fleur is from the same litter as Freddy, and the two were born only minutes apart. The two Great Danes recently celebrated their 8th birthday with a special birthday party their adoring mother threw them. “Freddy and Fleur had a great birthday party and they both had the best time. We decorated the garden and they got loads of their favorite treats and cuddly toys.” The woman told Caters. This time, there was another reason to celebrate though. Turning 8 also made the two the oldest living Great Danes in the world! 

One of the guests at the party was Freddy’s 7-year-old best friend and neighbor, Erin. The two have known each other their whole lives. They practically grew up together. Even the Coronavirus quarantine didn’t stop the two from enjoying each other’s company. The little girl called her canine friend every evening before going to bed. The pooch who recognized his best friend’s voice jumped around in excitement, before telling the girl how much he loves her. Freddy’s size never intimidated Erin, not even when she was a little girl. Peter, Erin’s father, talked about his daughter’s unique relationship with the dog. The man said: “He’s so big that he towers over her. She cuddles up to him on the settee to watch television and he just towers over her, but they have a very sweet relationship.” 

Unfortunately, not everyone is like Erin. Most people are frightened by Fleur and Freddy’s size, while others mistake them for being horses. This forced Stoneman to only take her doggos on walks early in the mornings, to avoid all the commotion. Having such a large body comes at a cost, $630 a month to be exact. The sum goes towards an unbelievable amount of treats, kibbles, whole chickens, minced beef, and more.

Watch Freddy, the world’s tallest dog, with his mother and best friend in the video below:

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