World Famous Grizzly Comes Out Of Hibernation With 4 New Cubs

Out of all the animals residing in Grand Teton National Park, Grizzly 399 has to be the most well-known. “The most famous mother bear on Earth,” gave birth to as many as 17 cubs over the years, and these are just the documented cases. The extraordinary mother grizzly, recently surprised spectators, when she came out of hibernation with four adorable new baby cubs.

The famous Grizzly With the unusually large litter of 4 New baby Cubs

Grand Teton National Park reopened to a limited number of people last Monday (May 18th). The park had to close its doors for a couple of months, following the pandemic. It might have been luck, a coincidence, or something bigger, but the same day the park reopened, was also the day the famous mother grizzly emerged with an exceptionally large litter of four new cubs!

Grizzly 399 has fans all over the world

Not only did Grizzly 399 outlive most other grizzlies, who have a lifespan of 20-25 years, but she also gave birth to a healthy litter, at 24. Tom Mangelsen, a wildlife photographer who was in the park that day said“Lesser bears would have been lucky to make it to age 24, but I think she’s obviously extraordinary.” And you can’t argue with that, she’s definitely one-of a-a-kind.

The Mother Grizzly With Her Four New Cubs

The National Park Services, now expect an unusually large number of visitors as they slowly reopen the park. The National Park Services would like to kindly remind people, that bears are still wild and potentially dangerous animals.  “Visitors should be aware that all bears are potentially dangerous. Park regulations require that people stay at least 100 yards (91 m) from bears (unless safely in your car as a bear moves by). Bears need your concern, not your food; it is against the law to feed any park wildlife, including bears.”

Watch Yellowstone National Park’s video below, and learn more about bears and how to deal with them:

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