Women Can’t Stop Laughing When Her Pooch Calls To Tell Her That He Loves Her

Dogs and their owners get so attached that, at times, owners find living their dogs home alone for a full workday too hard to bear. We bet that these owners wish their dogs could just pick up the phone and dial their number whenever they felt that their loneliness is too unbearable, this technology, unfortunately, is still yet to be invented.


Luckily for Stanley, the adorable pooch in the next video, his father was there to help him, when he missed his mother in the middle of her workday. The man called his wife for Stanley and let the doggo take over the call from there. The doggo immediately reacted to the woman’s voice. It’s apparent that he misses his mamma very much. When the woman tells him that she misses him too the pooch adorably replies with a loooong and heartwarming howl.

The next time that someone tells you that canines can’t express emotions show him this adorable video:

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