Wombat And Koala Become Unlikely ‘Lockdown BFFs’

While most of us distance ourselves from others, following the strict COVID-19 restrictions, this wombat and koala finally had the time to become adorable BFFs.

The two live in The Australian Reptile Park, situated about an hour north of Sydney. The park had to close its doors to the public, with the only humans allowed inside being the caretakers. This gave a wombat named Hope and a koala named Elsa, all the time needed to become precious ‘lockdown BFFs’. The two native mammals first bonded three months ago. It happened when Hope (the wombat), was temporarily housed in Elsa’s cage while her cage was being cleaned. Almost instantly the two began to bump noses and interact. The staff knew that it was the beginning of an unlikely, yet beautiful friendship.

Hayley Shute is the park’s curator and the one who raised Hope ever since she was a little baby joey. Shute recently gave an interview on the unlikely friendship of the two critters to FOX35. Shute said: “Hope is a little ray of sunshine. It’s a very special friendship these two have formed and I can’t wait to see it continue to blossom. Elsa and Hope are great ambassadors for Australian wildlife and our wildlife needs all the help it can get. Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate on the planet. Our iconic koala is sadly experiencing a large decline in numbers due, in part, to the tragic bush fires we had earlier this year and they’re on the trajectory to be extinct in the wild by 2050.”

The New South Wales government recently removed restrictions on many businesses, including The Australian Reptile Park. They’ve chosen to do so, as the virus infection rate remains stable, at 35 new infections per day, for more than a month now. We truly hope that going back to the routine will not change the two’s adorable relationship and that they’ll remain BFFs for many years to come.

Watch Hope and Elsa play together in the adorable video below:

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