Woman Thought She Was Raising A Dog While It Was Actually A White Fox

It was love at first sight. Ms. Wang was completely smitten by this adorable furball when she saw her for the first time. She decided to adopt her, and the rest is history.

Shanxi Television

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but then one day, Wang realized that her beloved doggo was actually a fox!

Shanxi Television

When the news hit her, she was heartbroken to face the difficult dilemma; set free the creature that was her companion for the past year? Or keep it knowing it could have a better life in the wild?

Shanxi Television

When her beloved “dog” reached three-months-old, her fur got thicker, her face became pointy, and her tail grew longer than she expected. She never understood why other pets were scared by her dog, but it all became clear when she learned about her fox-pet.

Shanxi Television

That was one of the things that made her wonder what was wrong with her dog; for instance, she didn’t like dog food as well. One day she took her to the zoo, where she was informed she was raising a fox.

Wang was shocked by the unlikely news and was completely confused. Apparently, it is common to mistake foxes for dogs in Asia, since foxes are sold as pets.

After long thinking, Ms. Wang decided to do what’s best for the fox and passed it to the zoo.

iqiyi / Shanxi Education

It was a heartbreaking moment for her; making the decision was one of the hardest things she had to do; Wang raised her, and they became partners, but she knew she had to have the fox’s best interest at heart.

iqiyi / Shanxi Education

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