Woman Shocked By The Horrific Conditions At A Shelter So She Adopts All 250 Dogs

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary is a rescue organization that was founded by the Israeli-Canadian couple Rob Scheinberg and Danielle Eden. As part of their work, the two travel the world and visit shelters, from which they bring back the animals that need the most urgent medical attention. After bringing the animals to their 50-acre sanctuary in Ontario, Canada, the two find them the best fitting forever home and give them a fresh new start at life. Despite making numerous trips, to what seems like an infinite amount of countries, there’s one trip that Danielle Eden will never forget.

When Israeli-born Danielle visited a shelter in her home country, she was stunned by the conditions dogs were kept in. She later recalled the place as the worst shelter she had ever seen in her life. The tiny shelter housed 250 dogs in an area that was designated for only 70 dogs.

It had an even larger population of rats that were running between the kennels. The dogs were only fed dry bread, and each piece that was thrown into the kennel became the center of a fight. The dogs were literally fighting over dry bread.

Danielle was heartbroken from the sight of the poor doggos living in such horrific conditions and filth. Her heart was torn. She couldn’t choose which dog to bring back with her. They were all living in this horrible hell-hole. So she chose to take responsibility for all 250 dogs!

Under Danielle’s supervision, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary managed to find 90 of the dogs forever homes within Israel. 25 others were flown to the Ontario sanctuary, and the other 135 remained at the shelter.

Don’t worry though, the kind-hearted woman didn’t just leave them in that filth. With the help of donations, Danielle’s organization fixed up the shelter and made it habitable for the remaining doggos. She even brought in veterinarians to supervise the process and make sure that the renovated shelter meets all the requirements. The remaining 135 doggos were later flown, little by little, to start over their new lives in Canada.

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