Woman Resigns Her Career Just To Go Looking For Her Lost Dog For 57 Days

Losing a pet could be surely devastating. When Carole King from Washington lost her beloved dog, Katie, she felt like her world was tumbling down and decided to resign her postal carrier just to spend 57 days looking for her precious dog with her husband.

It all happened when Carole and her husband, Verne decided to travel in Montana with their furry companion in July. Explorer Katie found a way to sneak out the hotel room and left her parents worried as hell.

Katie had a rough time trying to find her owners and survive. She was roaming around trying to fend for herself and somehow got close to a wild area in Glacier National Park. The couple knew that they weren’t going to stop looking for her till she’s found.

They spread the word all over social media and distributed about 500 flyers in the Kalispell area. They had sleepless nights and broken hearts; they wouldn’t stop searching until they found her. At night they used night-vision goggles in hopes they would track her.

One day she got a call from a man who said he spotted a dog matching her description by his house but by the time Carole was there, she was gone.

After 57 days when Carole asked passersby whether they had seen her canine, they pointed her out while she was sitting in a tree’s shade, hoping her parents will find her.

Carole called her and sprang to her. She gave her favorite furry creature the biggest hug as people around stopped their cars to hug them as well. Everyone around knew that adorable Katie was finally found.

Here’s the video:

When the border collie was taken to the vet’s clinic, the vet asked, “Is this the famous Katie?” The poor pup was severely dehydrated and lost 12 pounds. The staff was confident that she would be back on her feet quickly.

Katie was so happy and relieved to be back home.

Carole was moved by the kindness of strangers who helped to find her little girl. The Kings now live happily together, and they would never let each other out of eyeshot.

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