Woman Rescues Drowning Dog And Finds She Was Leashed To A Rock

The way some people treat their pets is so infuriating and sickening that it makes you realize that they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near other animals (or humans for that matter). This woman became an unlikely hero when people saw how she rescues a drowning dog she spotted while walking her own dog. But that’s not even close to being the most horrific thing about this incident.

Jane Harper was walking with her pooch along the river Trent in Nottinghamshire, England when she spotted a horrific sight. It was what seemed like a lifeless dog floating near the river bank. Jane left her dog with a friend that escorted her and ran down to the river, whereupon further inspection, she saw that the pooch was purposely leashed to a big heavy rock. Jane initially thought that the poor doggo was dead. Seconds later, the dog blinked.

“We thought she might have just got caught in the river but it was only when I tried to take her out I couldn’t move her. The water was so murky you couldn’t see the rock at first. It was horrific.” Jane recalled in an interview with the BBC.

Jane was able to drag the heavy and wet pooch out of the water onto drier land. Pedestrians began to notice the commotion and tried to help. One person brought a pile of towels and began to dry the undercooled dog to prevent hypothermia. “She was absolutely frozen, we all thought she would die. It was very emotional. She’s a big, heavy dog. Then another dog walker came and got her on to the grass, and wrapped her in his jumper. Another lady came running out with towels. It was a real community effort,” Jane continued.

Thankfully in a joint effort, the people were able to stabilize the dog and bring her to a vet. Much to his surprise, the vet found that the dog was microchipped. He discovered that her name was Bella. Nottinghamshire Police were able to track down her cruel, heartless owners and arrest them. Shocked by the absolutely horrible act, the police later shared pictures of the rock that was used to drown the poor helpless dog.

Jane came right at the right time, as the vet estimated that if she would have gotten there minutes later, the dog wouldn’t have made it. Despite being lifeless when Jane found her, Bella was able to make a full recovery. She is currently recovering in a shelter and awaiting adoption.

Watch the video below that outlines Bella’s story:

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