Woman Pulls Over To Help Dog Who Dropped His Stuffed Pig

Claire Cummings was on her way to work one morning when she spotted something unusual in her rearview mirror. A stuffed pig was lying on the sidewalk, and a poor doggo was desperately trying to reach it. The UK woman immediately stopped to help the dog get back his precious stuffed pig.

It’s unclear how, but the dog somehow mannaged to drop the pig over his owner’s home’s thick brick wall. The pooch was helplessly leaning against the wall, barking at his beloved stuffed piglet that was lying on the ground.

According to Cummings, the dog could have easily jumped over the wall, but didn’t, presumably because he was trained not to do so. The woman knows what she’s talking about. Cummings is a long-time animal lover and owns a dog walking company.

The woman knew that she had to help the dog get his stuffed pig back. She pulled over, picked up the toy, and gave it to the ecstatic doggo. He was over the moon with joy and thanked her with kisses and hugs.

As she got back in her car and took another glimpse at her rearview mirror, the doggo was gone. He was probably just excited to reunite and be able to play with his beloved stuffed pig again. What a great start to a day! Well done Claire!

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H/T – The Dodo

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