Woman Is Shocked To Learn That The Dog She Rescued Is A Coyote

She just wanted to help the poor pup but turned out to be a wildlife savor. 

It was just a regular day when Andrea Athie from Ciudad Victoria, Mexico spotted a sweet exhausted canine on the side of the road. Seemingly, he had a broken leg, and Athie knew she had to rescue the hapless pup.

Unhesitatingly, she leaped into action and brought the canine into her car, not knowing it was wildlife. 

Athie rushed the hapless creature to the vet’s clinic, where she learned that the rescue animal was actually a wild coyote. She couldn’t believe it, and the rest of the world was shocked too.

The story has taken the internet by storm, now, Athie and the wild coyote are in the limelight together.

It started when Athie’s brother, Alejandro who tweeted photos of the wild coyote along with this:

“Today my sister picked up a COYOTE thinking it was a run-over dog and took it to the vet.”

The wildlife savior responded:

“Why did you burn me like that!? Haha, I love you,” and added “for all who are interested,” the coyote received the medical attention it needed and now in good condition.

It was important for her to underline that the wildlife was quite friendly and didn’t attempt to attack her at all.

Later she updated that the coyote would be going through five days of treatment in hopes his hind legs would recover.

Athie explained, “for his sake, he must have the best possible quality of life and isn’t made to suffer. Every effort is being made to recover [him]. He is a wild animal.”

After a while, it turned out that his condition was worse than she thought: “Pancho is not responding as we expected, everything is being done for him [but] he doesn’t want to eat or cooperate to try to move after his treatments.”

Lately, the coyote rescuer added:

“He is a wild animal, therefore when he outside his natural habitat he grows depressed but we will keep trying.”

What an incredible story! Who would have thought that rescuing a dog would turn into helping wildlife?

  1. Mssonshine

    Maybe he was someone’s pet at one time and then was dumped.

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