Woman Is Captured Giving A Shivering Homeless Pooch Her Own Scarf To Keep Him Warm

“A single act of kindness throws out roots, in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees” Amelia Earhart. We hope that this woman’s selfless act of kindness will warm your heart as much as it warmed the stray dog’s body.


Winters can be harsh on stray dogs. Many times they have no shelter from the rain and get soaking wet. In other cases, it’s freezing outside, and the only option is curling up and trying to keep the body temperature warm.

When a 23-year-old compassionate woman was leaving a café in Zonguldak, Turkey, she noticed a shivering dog all curled up. It was raining and the passerby couldn’t move along without helping it, so the right course of action seemed incredibly clear for her. The homeless pooch was lying on the street, shivering in the cold until an angel walked by and made a “small” gesture to keep the dog warm.

Without thinking twice, Duygu Elma, took actions while the rest would keep walking. She removed her own scarf to tuck the doggo in, hoping to give him warmth and comfort outside in the cold. 
She touched the dog, making sure that it was wrapped around his body securely.

She walked off and continued to whatever she was planning to do, without looking around to see whether anybody had noticed her. The hero went off knowing the homeless pup desperately needed it, and it would serve him better than it would have her.

Elma didn’t know that the scene had been captured by surveillance cameras, and now her act of kindness warms the internet community’s heart and hopefully will drive people to try to think about helping the ones in need.

“A true selfless act always sparks another”, Klaus.

Elma has touched people’s hearts, and the footage has been spread like wildfire on social media, surely sparkling many acts of kind kindness.

Enjoy the heartwarming encounter in the video below:

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