Woman Grants Senior Stray Cat’s Only Wish

Bruce, the cat, has spent most of his life as a stray, but recently was finally brought to a shelter to receive some urgent medical care.

The brokenhearted 6-year-old cat arrived at the Animal Humane Society, Minnesota, a few months back. He was found in bad shape, and suffered from various medical problems such as many scars, chipped and broken teeth, a bad eye due to a former injury, and even FIV, which is just like HIV for cats! 

Although he’s been through such a terrible life, sweet Bruce has been handling the situation like a champ. We’ll never know what he really went through but we do know that this trooper is one of the sweetest cats that the shelter’s ever seen.

Bruce is so great that the staff has decided to name him Bruce Willis, and just like the star, they wished that the furball will find a perfect home.

Despite his cuteness, kind heart and loving nature, Bruce had a tough time finding a forever family. Due to his many medical issues, a lot of potential adopters turned him down; they just didn’t want to take that much responsibility on their shoulders.  

Bruce tried the best he could: whenever someone passed by his cage at the shelter, the adorable feline started to purr and dance in glee, hoping that this time will be the last. However, for the longest time, it seemed like Bruce might stay at the shelter for the rest of his life.

On International Cat Day, on August 8th, the staff decided to do something special for Bruce and posted his story on Facebook. A young woman named Sandra stumbled upon the post and instantly fell in love with the sweet cat.

Unfortunately, Sandra lived in a rented apartment and her landlord wouldn’t let her bring pets into her home. Nevertheless, she felt like Bruce was meant to be hers, and she just had to stop by the shelter and meet him. 

As Sandra approached the furball’s cage, the poor feline gave her one of the saddest faces she’d ever seen, making it hard to leave him there.

Sandra had no choice, so she picked up the pieces of her broken heart and left the shelter although she was filled with regret. 

While she couldn’t have him all to herself, she genuinely hoped that Bruce will find a forever family soon. She was sure that someone would fall in love with him in no time, just as she did.

The kind-hearted woman kept checking on Bruce via the shelter’s website, to see if someone adopted the affectionate cat. As she kept checking every day, she was heartbroken to learn that there was no good news.

One day, Sandra read on the website that poor Bruce had caught an upper respiratory infection, and wasn’t feeling well at all. Sandra was upset by the news and went to visit the sweet cat many times. 

Happily, the cat recovered nicely and gained back his health, despite his weak immune system. It was evident that he had such a robust personality. 

Although he’d fully recuperated, Sandra had already grown attached to the little guy and kept visiting him. She realized she was committed to him, even before she adopted him, and understood that she had to have him no matter what.

Determined Sandra picked up the phone and asked her landlord to allow her to bring Bruce home. She texted him his photo and explained how much he meant to her. 

The landlord couldn’t resist the adorable eyes and granted her permission to bring the cat to her rented house. Sandra was simply ecstatic.

The moment Bruce entered his new home, he settled in in no time and started purring for attention. 

Sandra says that the sweet furball loves to purr as a habit and follows her around wherever she goes, and she loves it. The new cat owner admits that Bruce is actually a purring machine; he purrs so loud all the time, that whenever the duo goes to the vet, he can’t hear the cat’s heartbeat.

Bruce and Sandra quickly formed a close bond, and now they spend every waking moment together. 

Whenever Sandra sits on the couch, Bruce hurries to cuddle with her and have some fun. She adores the relationship that the two of them share, and hopes that they’ll always stay this close and spend a lot of quality time together. 

Bruce’s full story was recorded on video, which is a definite must-watch. The adorable cat has led a tough life, and it’s surely touching to see him getting his well-deserved happy ending.

Over time, Bruce has become quite protective of his human mom as well. When she’s in the shower, for example, he’d try and call for help, because thinks that she might be drowning.

Sandra loves it when Bruce cuddles with her all night long. He purrs in her arms all night and showers her with love and appreciation. He clearly loves his human companion very much and feels grateful she chose him.

Bruce is now an Instagram sensation who runs his own Instagram profile!

Thank you, Sandra, for making his dream come true.

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