Woman Who Goes To Adopt One Dog Comes Back With Three

Making choices can be really hard. For Shelly Blount, making the next choice was close to impossible. The woman wanted to adopt a dog who was scheduled to be put down but ended up returning home with three, to save them from the dire faith that awaited them.

It all began when Blount was casually scrolling through her Facebook feed one day. The woman stumbled upon a post showing an adorable shelter dog looking for a home. The post stated that without adopters, the doggo would have to be euthanized the next week.

Determined to save the poor dog, Blount instantly called the shelter. She was very happy to hear that someone already stepped up and saved the dog. But it only made her think of all the other, less fortunate dogs who were facing the same fate.

Blount, a long-time dog lover already had three shelter dogs at home. This fact, of course, didn’t stop her from saving more doggos. When the staff told her that a dog named Caleb was the next one on the list to be put down, she didn’t have to think twice.

The woman got in her car and drove all the way from her home in Virginia to the shelter in North Carolina. When she arrived, she asked the staff what’s the maximum number of dogs she can adopt. She was over the moon when they replied there isn’t any limit…

The woman drove there to adopt just one dog but returned home that day with three – Bella, Charisma, and of course, Caleb. The doggos were equally excited to finally be out of the shelter.

Seeing the dog’s reaction, the woman hadn’t the slightest doubt that she’d done the right thing when deciding to adopt all three dogs. They were grateful and didn’t shy away from expressing how they felt. With that said, already owning three dogs, Blount wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do with all these dogs.

Happily, in a matter of a few days, the kind woman already found Caleb and Bella loving homes. Bella now lives with Blount’s boyfriend. Caleb lives with a friend of Blount and became best friend with his other Lab.

Charisma, on the other hand, is most likely going to stay with Blount, and it’s not only because the two bonded very fast. Charisma, as it turns out, was pregnant when she was adopted. The staff at the shelter claim that they did not know that, but either way, Blount is more than happy to keep her.

Charisma is expected to give birth to a litter of 6 puppies over the next few weeks and we wish her all the best. Thank you very much, Shelly Blount, for caring about these dogs and saving them!

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