Woman Goes Above And Beyond For A Toad That Settled In, In Her Shoe

It’s nice to get friendly reminders from mother nature that despite what we often tend to think, we’re the visitors on this planet. It’s nice to hear that some people appreciate this fact, like this woman, who went above and beyond when she saw how a friendly toad settled in and started living in her shoe.

Sita Hood was sitting on her front porch one hot summer night when she noticed that she’s not alone. A sneaky green visitor leaped across her deck, passed her rubber boots, and settled in one of her old sneakers. The green amphibian gazed at her with loving eyes from deep inside the sneakers. It was clear that he was feeling right at home in her shoe.

The toad, who the woman later named, Jabba the Toad, obviously felt welcomed because he decided to stick around ever since, making the shoe his permanent place of residence. Hood, who didn’t mind the company, started leaving her porch light on at night to attract bugs for her new green neighbor.

As you probably already guessed – the fact that Jabba was living in her shoe meant that Hood couldn’t wear it, but she didn’t mind it at all. It was the least she could do to help her new friend feel comfortable and safe.

When summer came to an end, the woman watched as her friend toad jumped outside the shoe and leaped into the forest surrounding her home. It was time for Jabba to hibernate. Much to the woman’s surprise, that wasn’t the last time she saw her green friend.

One sunny spring morning, Hood went outside and saw a pair of eyes staring at her with a familiar look. Jabba has returned! The toad must have known he’s always welcome in the woman’s shoe because he settled in there for another summer.

This summer went pretty similar to the previous one, except one incident when a friend of Hood, who wasn’t aware of the toad’s living arrangement, moved the shoe. Hood quickly put the shoe back in its place and made a sign to guarantee this will never happen again.

It’s unclear whether the toad will return next summer, but Hood is simply happy that she’d had the opportunity of meeting Jabba in the first place.

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H/T – The Dodo

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