Woman Being Followed By A Parade Of Various Stray Animals

The footages in this next story appear to be the result of some sort of sorcery, but they are as real as they come! A Turkish woman was spotted walking down the street while being followed by a parade of stray animals of all species – from birds to cats and dogs.

Dilara İlter is responsible for making the unusual videos viral. The woman was visiting her mother who lives in a small town for the weekend when she saw the next stunning sight. İlter saw a woman walking down the street, being followed by tens of stray animals. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes and was certain that it was a result of some kind of witchcraft. She soon discovered the real reason for the unusual display.

When she asked her mother about the stray animal parade, İlter’s mother told her that the selfless woman walks around town every day and gathers strays to feed them. The animals, who are are already familiar with the selfless woman, know that they’ll get fed if they follow her.

The next video was shot a year after the first one and shows how the woman’s pack just keeps on growing with time. Inspired by her daughter’s fascination with the woman, İlter’s mother approached the kind woman once, but she was very shy and barely spoke to her. It seems that she’s not doing it for fame or for people’s gratitude. For her, happy animals with full bellies and wagging tails is more than enough.

Don’t miss Dilara İlter’s second video that was shot a year later:

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