Woman Fired For Taking A Day Off To Grieve The Loss Of Her Dog

For us pet parents, pets are just like any other family member, and their loss is just as devastating. When this woman wanted to grieve the loss of her dog, she ended up being fired for missing a workday. It wasn’t long before she got her own back.

Emma McNulty had to part ways from her pooch, Milly, after parenting her for 14 years. She was heartbroken and devastated and did her best to cope with the sudden loss and make it through that day. She was supposed to be working that afternoon at a local store in Scotland and was shocked when she heard what her boss thought of her loss.

McNulty wrote a detailed message to her boss explaining Milly’s significance, and that losing her after 14 years is just like losing a family member. Sadly McNulty was met with complete hostility. Her boss clearly thought that she was over exaggerating. He told her that she would “face disciplinary action” if she fails to find a replacement for her shift, and doesn’t show up.

The woman did her absolute best to find a replacement, but sadly couldn’t. Instead of surrendering to her boss’ demands, McNulty told him exactly how she felt in an email she sent him. “I think it’s disgusting how some companies think it’s acceptable to treat someone in this way with no remorse, as a family pet has just as much importance as a human family member.” She wrote.

McNulty is determined to change the way some companies view pets. If you agree with her noble cause, feel free to take a minute to sign her petition. It’s free, quick, and easy. Simply click here.

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