Woman Finds Out Her Kitten Is Actually A Baby Wildcat

When two siblings noticed two kittens lying next to a dead adult cat, they were completely heartbroken. Florencia Lobo and her brother from Tucuman, Argentina, couldn’t leave them there to fend for themselves and so they decided to bring them home with them.

They went above and beyond to give them the best chance at survival, but sadly, the female kitten passed away due to her health condition. Everyone was heartbroken, including the male kitten, who seemed in good condition.

They decided to name him Tito, and after two months, they took him to the vet to get him checked up. At the vet’s clinic, Lobo learned something shocking; the feline that she had been cuddling with wasn’t a regular cat.


Lobo said that she believed the two were abandoned kittens, but the vet said something else. She learned that Tito wasn’t a normal cat and was suggested to contact the local reserve.


She called the Horco Molle nature reserve, hoping they could give her some concrete answers about her kitten. But then they confirmed that her adorable “kitten” was a wildcat! Tito is actually a Puma Jaguarundi, which is a small wildcat that is native to South America.

The reserve took the baby wildcat in, and now he is being cared for and will be released back in the wild when he is prepared and independent.

Watch the video of the adorable baby wildcat:

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