Woman Feeds A Blind Racoon For 5 Years – One Day He Comes Escorted By Unlikely Bodyguards

The adorable raccoon in the video has been coming to Eryn‘s Illunious home since 2009. Over time, the raccoon and the kind-hearted woman learned to trust one another, until the day the animal felt comfortable enough to invite his two unlikely bodyguard-friends.

Eryn has been feeding the raccoon for more than 5 years at the time of the event. She revealed how she first met the animal and learned it was blind, in her YouTube video‘s description: “His eyes shone bright green during the day. He was at least partially blind, walked into things, and was afraid of the wind, high grass, birds, and snow”. Ever since their first encounter, the compassionate woman took it upon herself to leave the poor creature a generous breakfast buffet on her back porch.

Then, one morning in late October 2014, the woman was surprised to see raccoon coming to get his daily snack, escorted by one kitty-bodyguard on each side. Being a loving and kind soul, Eryn was glad to find more fluffy critters to care for. She happily ran inside to get some more food for her feline guests.

A month later, in November 2014 Eryn finally managed to capture a video of the unusual trio. The charming clip shows the raccoon entering the woman’s yard accompanied by his two faithful bodyguards. The felines patiently wait for their raccoon master to finish his majestic breakfast.

Witness the unusual friendship for yourself in Eryn’s adorable video:

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