Woman Establishes ‘Retirement Village’ for Senior Golden Retrievers

While there are lots of hardships going on in the world, especially when it comes to animals, once in a while we meet shooting stars that inspire us to do better, to be better. 

Sommerville Harris Culbertson is a remarkable woman from Tennessee who established a retirement village for Goldens where seniors doggos are being taken care of with lots of love.

Sommerville Harris Culbertson

Culbertson wanted neglected Goldens to have a safe foster home in which they could spend the rest of their lives and have a happy ending. 
It started back in 2001 and ever since Culbertson has fostered 40 dogs from Adopt-A-Golden Knoxville.
She always had a special place in her hearts for elderly pooches. Once she started to foster senior Goldens, she took in more whenever she could. 

She enjoys caring for the adorable dogs who are so appreciative of her loving care.

Sommerville Harris Culbertson

Her house became a nursing home for elderly Golden Retrievers, and now people call it a “retirement village.”

Her adorable daughter loves spending time with the senior furry  companions:

Although they are seniors and she doesn’t have them for many years, she still loves them and forms a special bond with them. For Culbertson, seeing the seniors relaxing and having a wonderful time is worth all the sad moments.

While maintaining her “retirement village,” she values that her young daughter learns about being compassionate and caring for animals. Her daughter understands that there are lots of unlucky dogs who don’t have forever families and at times don’t have a safe place to rest their heads.

While the poor Goldens had spent most of their lives neglected and unwanted, Culbertson gives them a happy ending.
To learn more about Culbertson “retirement village” contact Adopt a Golden Knoxville, Inc.

Here’s a video about the remarkable foster home for senior pooches:

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