Woman Dumps A Pooch And Writes “FREE DOG” On It With Permanent Marker

Having to surrender a pet must be one of the hardest situations a person can find himself in. Despite being preventable in most of the cases, in some rare ones, it’s just inevitable. When surrendering a pet, one must make sure that he’s doing it as humanely and responsibly as possible.

Despite dealing with many disturbing animal abuse cases on a daily basis, the staff of the Ross County Humane Society (RCHS) were stunned when they saw the bizarre manner in which this dog was surrendered. Don’t worry though, it only took a bit of love and care to turn the doggo’s life around.

The pooch’s previous owners abandoned her in Yoctangee Park Chillicothe, Ohio. She was found by a concerned animal lover, who immediately called Brittany May, a volunteer at the RCHS. When she arrived at the scene, May saw a dog completely covered in writings. The pooch had “FREE DOG” written on one side, “I AM A GIFT FROM GOD” on the other, and “GOOD HOME ONLY” written on her face.

May was so shocked by the disturbing sight that she posted a status on her Facebook account: “I usually try to contain my self with my work life and with what I see every single day, but this just tops it off! How are you going to dump your dog, and write FREE all over it in permanent marker! I just don’t get it!”

After arriving at the Ross County Humane Society, the staff named the dog Marvella. The vet examined her and gladly determined she wasn’t harmed. The shelter’s staff worked hard to scrub all of the remaining writings she has had on her.

Surprisingly, after the pictures that Brittany May posted on Facebook surfaced and went viral, Kendra Stafford, the woman responsible for the atrocity chose to come forward and tell her part of the story. She claimed that her landlord made her give the dog up. Stafford said that after failing to find Marvella a loving home on Craiglist, she tried to reach “all the animal shelters in Ohio”, but unfortunately they were all full. She added that she didn’t plan to paint the pup, and leaving it in the park was her last resort: “I went to my car to go find a piece of tape, couldn’t find a piece of tape… I then got out a permanent marker that wasn’t supposed to be used on my dog… and then after I did that, I had that cringeworthy moment where I was just like ‘oh my gosh, I messed up like she looks awful. I regret writing on the dog, and I think that it was a mistake, but it was all good intentions behind it.”

According to the Ross County Humane Society, they have no record of the woman ever contacting the shelter.

Luckily this story has two happy endings: the first, being that Marvella found the happy and respectful forever home that she deserves with Linette Wrightsel and her family, and the second, that Kendra Stafford regrets her actions, and is now facing charges for dog abuse.

watch NBC4’s interview with Kendra Stafford here:

  1. Why oh why do people not take theirpet to a rescue centre ?? How would tgey like to be left somewhere just abandoned when lots of people and families would love to give their love to a dog who had lost his home for whatever reason? My dog is a rescue dog and sge is completely adorable and loved from here to eternity.

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