Woman Drive Hours To Rescue A Dog Who Is About To Be Put Down And Comes Back With 3 Rescue Dogs

It was last week when Shelly Blount came across a post about a pooch who was about to be euthanized. Blount contacted the North Carolina shelter without thinking twice, and she was happy to hear that the dog had just been adopted. 

The scenario caused her thinking about all the dogs that wait in shelters and aren’t lucky enough to be adopted at the last minute. Blount decided to ask them whether they had other dogs on the euthanized list, and they told her about the next dog who was about to be put down – Caleb.

Shelly Blount

The right course of action was incredibly clear for Blount; she got in the car with her friend and drove all the way from Virginia to North Carolina to rescue the poor pooch. When they got there, Blount learned that there were two other dogs who were about to be euthanized. She couldn’t contain the fact that they are facing certain death.

Although she already had three rescue dogs, she asked the staff how many dogs she could adopt, and they answered that there wasn’t a limit, so she decided to adopt all three. Unexpectedly, instead of driving back with Caleb, she headed home with Bella and Charisma too.

Shelly Blount

On the way home, the dogs were ecstatic to get out of the shelter and couldn’t stop wagging their tails. That rewarding moment made her understand that she did the right thing. The trio kept kissing and hugging Blount and her friend during the entire ride back.

Shelly Blount
Shelly Blount

Blount wasn’t planning on adopting three dogs and didn’t really have a plan, but she also didn’t have room for three additional dogs at home. Happily, within a few days, she found loving homes for Bella and Caleb.

Shelly Blount

Blount said that Bella was adopted by her boyfriend, and the two had become glued to each other while Caleb lives a happy life at his forever home with Blount’s friend and another companion pooch.

Shelly Blount

Seemingly, Blount will keep Charisma, for they two have formed a special bond in just a few days. For now, Charisma is staying with her because Blount learned at a vet appointment that the adorable doggo was pregnant.

Blount didn’t know about Charisma’s pregnancy, and the staff said that they hadn’t known too. It turned out, Blount saved more than three four-legged pals, she saved the lives of 8-9 dogs!

Shelly Blount

Charisma is about to welcome her pups into the world within the next weeks, and everybody is extremely excited to meet her litter.

Shelly Blount

Meanwhile, Charisma is pampered by Blount and is showered with lots of love and affection.

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