Woman Carries 55-Pound Dog For 6 Hours To Save His Life

Although many people might define themselves as animal lovers, very few would do what Tia did. These images, showing how the woman carries a 55-pound dog on her back for 6 hours, are almost hard to believe.

It all started when Tia and her 76-year-old father went on a hike to spend some time together in nature. The two hiked for a good 3 hours up a mountain when the woman spotted a poor injured doggo lying on the side of the narrow trail. Although neither of them was a vet, it was quite obvious that the pooch was injured and unable to walk. They looked around and tried to call his owners, but they were nowhere to be found. Another family with young children passed them, but they too knew nothing about the doggo. The pooch looked at them with pleading eyes. It was then that Tia knew she was going to do anything to save him.

There was no road, no one else around, and no way the dog could walk down the mountain on his own. There was no other choice for the woman but to carry the 55-pound doggo down the rugged 6-mile trail on her back. “We decided that I would carry him down and look for help. He was pretty beat up, so he couldn’t walk,” the woman later recalled in an interview with Pickler and Ben on YouTube. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life.”

Despite having a background in gymnastics, nothing could have prepared the woman for carrying 55-pounds for six straight hours. “I was really dead. I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit. I was almost in tears. You know, every time that I would set him down I would have to squat all the way down to my bum and then lay down so I could let him down gently so that I wouldn’t injure him anymore,” Tia said.

When Tia and her father finally reached the village at the end of the trail, they rushed the doggo to the vet. The vet determined that the doggo had ruptured ligaments and needed to undergo surgery on his paw. But that wasn’t the only thing the vet found. He was able to find a chip on the doggo and track his owners. As it turns out, the pooch’s name is Boomer.

Apparently, Boomer fell down a 100-feet cliff while on a hike with his owners. After seeing how the poor doggo kept rolling for a couple of hundred feet, his owners thought there’s no way he could have survived the fall. Luckily they were very wrong. Boomer is currently slowly recovering under Tia’s compassionate care. 

Watch Tia’s interview with Pickler and Ben here:

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