Woman Bursts Into Tears as She Sees an Abandoned Deformed Pup Wrapped in Blanket

Sweet Freddie is a courageous dog who was recently found under a car. Once he was spotted the rescuer was surprised to see a deformed dog with so much might within her, surviving his tough reality and fends for himself.

The friendly pooch was barely surviving in the streets and just in time, when a good Samaritan had spotted the little one under a car, trying to keep warm, the next thing that happened saved his life.

The sweetie was taken to the Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue organization, in Tehachapi, California.

One of Freddy’s saviors was none other than Angela Adan, an avid dog rescuer, who would go above and beyond to help pups in need. She has fostered many pooches and dedicated her life to helping dogs, both at work and at home.

Although Angela has been doing this for years, she was completely heartbroken and couldn’t contain her feelings. Something about his sad eyes broke devastated her. Besides the fact that Freddy is a deformed pup, he was skin and bones and scared. 

Considering the canine’s terrible condition, it’s no wonder Angela had a hard time holding her feelings. Freddie suffers from many birth defects and is quite malnourished. He can barely walk and the tough life in the streets caused him 17 teeth. On top of that, he is missing an epiglottis, making everything more complicated.

An epiglottis is a muscle that helps us protect our airways: while we eat or drink, the epiglottis covers our windpipe to prevent any food or fluids from entering our lungs.

An absence of an epiglottis means that Freddy’s trachea isn’t appropriately covered while he consumes food and water; thus, he could easily choke or obstruct her windpipe.  

Thankfully, Angela didn’t give up on Freddy. She knew that even though their shelter had a 99% adoption success rate, the canine simply won’t survive in the pound all by himself. Consequently, Angela decided to foster the sweet pooch and introduced him to her entire canine family.

Angela reports that Freddy is getting better every day and has a sweet personality. Although he has trouble with every aspect of life, the remarkable dog doesn’t let any obstacle stand in his way. 

The entire story was documented by Angela on the camera! The video is available down below.

Angela also shares many adorable images of Freddy’s process and dogs that she constantly fosters on her Facebook page.

Happily, even the saddest stories could end on such a happy note! 

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