Woman And Her Dog Are Unexpectedly Reunited After 7 Years

When Nicole Grimes, a pharmacy technician from West Brownville, Pennsylvania had to say her goodbye to her four-year-old puppy, she was devastated.

Nicole Grimes

21-year old Grimes got a Pomeranian-poodle puppy as a gift from her grandmother when she was ten years old. 

Four years later, when Grimes’s dad had started to work from home, he decided to bring the puppy to the Humane Society for adoption since she was too loud and interfered with his work. Grimes was left heartbroken because Chloe was everything to her.

Seven years later, Grimes’s friend shared with her on Facebook pictures of an 11-year-old Pomeranian-poodle who was looking for a home. The senior dog looked familiar, and she looked similar to Chloe, her beloved puppy. When she found out that the pomeranian-poodle’s name was Chloe, she was shocked. 

Something inside told Grimes to adopt the elderly dog, and so she did. It was too good to be true; the same name and age, it must be the same dog. When they welcomed Chloe in for the first time, it felt like everything fitted perfectly. 

Grimes posted on Facebook: “As the day went on, different things she did/how she acted was EXACTLY what my old Chloe did. Last night I was holding her and just cried and cried because that dog was hugging me back and I just held her close to my heart. I just knew in my heart this was my Chloe.”

Nicole Grimes

While Grimes was over the moon that there was a chance that it was her Chloe, her husband wasn’t sure about the whole thing. Grimes was eager to know whether it was her dog from her childhood so they took her to the vet where her microchip was scanned. The results were shocking, the chip number was identical to Chloe’s childhood pup’s, they couldn’t believe it.

Nicole Grimes

Grimes and her mom believe that it was a sign from her grandmother, who died three years before the reunion.

Nicole Grimes

During the seven years, the elderly couple had taken good care of her, they loved her unconditionally. And later on, Chloe was temporary re-homed to the senior couple’s neighbor who was Grime’s Facebook friend.

Here’s the video about the whole story:

These days, Chloe lives happily in her new home and loves to spend time with Grimes’s one-year-old daughter. 

Grimes feels like it was some kind of a miracle.

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