Woman Adopted A Cat With Rare Condition And His Best Friend Too

It was love at first sight when Georgina Price first laid eyes on Toby. She didn’t only took him home with her but brought his best friend along too!

Toby is a six-year-old cat yet looks much older. He suffers from a condition called “feline cutaneous asthenia” (FCA), which causes his skin to be fragile, loose and get bruised easily. This FCA is similar to its human variant, the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. By extension, Price says that his body doesn’t produce collagen properly, as a result it doesn’t heal. 

But happily, superficial traits did not prevent Price from falling in love with the poor cat. The compassionate adopper and her fiance Christopher met Toby for the first time at the local shelter, as he was hiding in a corner behind his best and only friend Quinton.

Price says that she saw them on RSPCA website and they captured her heart immediately. The loving couple visited the shelter and when they first saw them, the duo was hiding behind each other. Price realized that they both were scared of humans.

When the shelter took in the two cats, they were in poor condition. Quinton had all of his teeth extracted, and Toby underwent a similar operation. From the start, the shelter saw that the two cats shared a very special connection. They needed each other and needed to be adopted together.

The moment Georgina saw them, she knew that they were the ones she wanted to bring home and cherish. She said that they will give them everything they need so they will feel secure. 

Together with her fiance, she filled out the necessary paperwork and officially adopted the undivided pair. However,they had a very hard time acclimating to their new surroundings at the beginning. The cats spent most of their time finding places to hide.

Georgina shares that feeding them wasn’t easy. They had to lay the food under the bed leave the room but fortunately, they slowly gained their trust.

The two cats were inseparable. Toby followed Quinton everywhere- and as Quinton grew accustomed to his surroundings and started to open up to his new owners, Toby did too. As time went on, the two cats began moving around in the open, exploring the house together. Quinton would lead the way, and Toby always followed closely.

As they slowly realized that they were at safety, they started to relax and open up to their owners. Later, Toby gained additional confidence. And then, one day, he began to seek affection from his parents. He even discovered cuddles! 

Now, whenever Georgina is in the kitchen, Toby comes running. He reaches up over the counter to see what she’s making, waiting patiently for the delicious treat he so obviously deserves (as seen in the video below).

 Price recalls that these days, they are playful and happy and it’s so rewarding to see the progress they’ve made.

Toby now loves belly rubs and playing with his vast collection of toys (and shoelaces). He has returned to being a kitten and can never have too much playtime.

Quinton still looks watches over Toby; he cleans him up and wakes him up for breakfast. When their parents leave the house they sit side by side next to the window waiting for them. 

Because of his condition, though, his owners need to be very careful. Toby bruises easily, so they keep the house clean and trim Toby’s nails regularly.

Though it took some time, Quinton and his best friend finally found the home and family they spent so much time searching for.

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