With Camera Rolling, Reporter Saves Dog Trapped in Flooded House

Sometimes, a small act of human kindness can make all the difference! Julie Wilson, a news reporter, was in the middle of a Facebook Live video documenting the after effects of a hurricane. 

The hurricane in question, named Florence, hit the state of North Carolina and devastated after-effects much of the area. Julie was walking around with the camera rolling when suddenly, she came upon a woman calling for help. 

It turns out that the woman’s dog was trapped inside her house. The house was flooded, the dog was injured, and Julie jumped into action!

She made her way through the water into the house, found the poor animal, and carried her to safety!

This is not the only example of Julie’s kindness. Her Facebook page is filled with pictures of animals in need.

Hurricane Florence is not yet over, there is still much-anticipated rainfall that could lead to potential further damage. Julie hopes that documenting the catastrophe will make people understand the importance of every helping hand.

From documenting news to making news, Julie found a way to make a real difference!

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