Wild Horses Herd Accepts a Lone Penguin Into Their Family

In nature, we witness many beautiful and unlikely bonds between two different species. You’d never think that these two could become a duo, but nature loves to surprise and show us that friendship is possible between anyone and anything.

This tale is about one lone penguin who befriended with a group of horses in the Falklands Islands.

Penguins usually tend to travel together, therefore we assume that the poor penguin must’ve gotten lost or separated from his group. The poor penguin was helpless and afraid when he stumbled upon the harras of horses. 

The horses were curious about the huge bird and when they got a little closer, they learned that it was a helpless creature who needed help.

Photographer Sarah Crofts saw the entire incident and took images of the beautiful moments.

In the pictures, the horses bond with the penguin and treat him as if he was one of their own.

Sahra was astonished by what she saw and she couldn’t believe that the horses cared about the penguin so much. It looks like they’ve even taught each other a thing or two about friendship.

In the beginning, the horses were quite gentle with the penguin, hoping to not scare him off. After they got to know each other a little bit, they’ve started showing physical affection by touching his beak with their snouts.

The wildlife photographer believes that the horses must have felt that the penguin was alone and anxious. The horses watched the penguin closely and aimed to guard him against any harm or threat.

After the horses vetted the penguin, they knew that he was a friendly pal, and wanted to get to know him better. They liked to defend him and kiss his cute beak. 

We hope that the herd and the penguin will stay friends and spend many more days together.

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