Wild Animals Use The Quarantine Momentum To Invade Cities

As a huge part of the world try to figure out how to maintain a stable routine during the quarantine, others use the moment to break free and do things they’ve never had the chance to do before.   

Walking down the streets these days can be quite strange; the “end of the world” atmosphere has surely struck many places.

And while people lock themselves at home, other wild creatures break free and invade cities! People in Japan, Italy, and Thailand have witnessed wildlife taking over huge cities from their house’s windows and had to capture the bizarre scenario.

In Japan, for example, many deers that usually live in Nara Park were forced to escape the park and look for food in the city. Nara Park is very famous because it’s the natural home of many beautiful Sika deers. 

The park’s management had made crackers that the tourists could share with the deer to keep their bellies full. Since tourism has been suffering due to the coronavirus, the deers didn’t have a lot of visitors and with no available food, it’s no wonder that they had to scour the streets for food.

 Sika deers escaped Nara Park in Japan and started to rummage the streets for food

Thanks to the people of Nara, we can all enjoy many images and even videos of Sika deers running through the streets. Twitter user okadennis has put in a lot of his time to share these photos with social media.

In Thailand, things are even crazier! A fantastic person caught monkeys on video, looking for food in a city plaza.

Italy is no different. Since a huge part of the country is under lockdown, many animals started to roam the streets and enjoy European architecture. It looks like they were just waiting for us to go, so they could take over.

Some of the animals include boars, sheep, and horses. They’re all walking around town feeling calm as they’ve been doing so their entire lives.

When an Italian man spotted a horse right under his window, he was so astonished by such a sight, that he couldn’t stop laughing

Another person in Italy saw a herd of sheep and had to share the amazing photos on social media.

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