Where Is The Missing Cat? Right Next to his MISSING Sign Of course!

A local cat went missing, only to be found posing next to his ‘missing’ sign

Twitter | @RAC

All cats love to make messes: break things, scratch, and cause trouble.  

Cats love roaming the streets and having fun outside with other cats. Many cat owners allow them to walk outside without supervision during the day. That’s when they spend time with their friends, play together and patronize each other in the best way.

Some fluffballs tend to have so much fun, that they lose track of time. One of those cats is the cat nicknamed “missing”: everyone thought that the kitty was lost in action, until he was found right next to his “missing” sign, waiting patiently to be picked up.

The adorable furry friend was captured on Twitter, in a comical photo featuring him sitting in a window, right next to his very own missing sign 

Don’t the two of them look great? A cat right next to his “missing” portrait.

Once he was lost, now he is found. The cutie kitty is happily reunited with his human parents

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