When Astonish Bird, Talented Photographer And Sun Rays Meet

Nature never stops surprising us with its beauty. When photographer and artist Christian Spencer was enjoying fresh air on his balcony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Spencer saw an amazing black Jacobin Hummingbird flying while the sun rays struck its beautiful wings. The combination of the sun rays and the special wings created a prism effect that caught the artist’s eye. It resembled a mesmerizing rainbow.

It wasn’t the first encounter Spencer had with the unique bird. They recorded an international awards winner, a movie called The Dance of Time, together back in 2011. After a few years, he wanted to take pictures of the beautiful colorful moment with his own camera. He called the series “Winged Prism.”

While the unique effect looks so magical, people might question whether the photographer did some digital manipulation to get this incredible result. But Spencer says that it’s all about the diffraction of the light through the bird’s wings.

Many people all over the globe contacted Spencer to let him know  that the series touched them. 

Luckily there’s an image from the Winged Prism Series that is available online, but it’s a limited edition print so hurry up! You can purchase it on Spencer’s website.

Here’s the beautiful Winged Prism series:

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