We Think That Joy Strikingly Resembles A Famous Sci-Fi Character

A stray cat that strikingly resembles the Star Wars character Yoda, has taken the internet by storm and rightfully owned the nickname “Baby Yoda Cat”.

The resemblance was first spotted by Jana Aviles A veterinary assistant at an animal hospital in North Carolina, who immediately posted pictures of the uncommon-looking feline.

Baby Yoda (who also answers to “Joy”),  was first spotted wandering around the streets of Kannapolis, North Carolina. Her founder, who chose to remain anonymous, followed Joy for a few days in an attempt to gain the cat’s trust, so she could take her to receive treatment for a severe wound she had around her neck. After feeding the stray cat for a few days the woman finally managed to bring her in for treatment at the Cabarrus Animal Hospital.

After receiving treatment, A veterinary assistant by the name of Jana Aviles posted his photos on the Humane Society of Rowan County’s (HSRC) Facebook page and started a fundraiser to cover all of the kitty’s medical expenses. The fundraiser’s goal was set to $700 but donations kept pouring in, reaching a staggering amount of $1200(!) Baby Yoda caught the world’s attention and people wanted to make sure she gets everything she needs.

It wasn’t long before adoption requests started to appear from all over the country, some people were willing to drive hundreds of miles to take Joy The Yoda Cat with them.

Despite being touched by people’s warm reaction, Jana Aviles cares for all cats of the world and posted this on her Facebook account:

“There are 70 MILLION stray cats just in the US. 4 MILLION cats are brought into animal control facilities each year, and 1.4 MILLION of those cats are euthanized each year due to lack of homes. Everyone, please check your local shelters. I guarantee you that your new best friend is waiting for you as I type this. Yoda cat may look cool, but looks aren’t everything.”

We couldn’t agree with her more. after all, it was Yoda himself who said: “Do what is right, not what is popular nor what is popular”.  We wish Joy a fast and full recovery from her upcoming surgery and hope she finds a loving and caring forever home very soon.

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