Walmart Employees Protect Goose Eggs That Were Laid In Parking Lot

You can find a lot of things in Walmart but have you ever imagined driving into the parking lot seeing goose eggs right next to your car? It seems like Walmart will always surprise us.  

It’s always amazing to come across wildlife in our daily routine. Scott Hann went shopping at Walmart as he always does and he couldn’t believe his eyes, he saw a Canadian goose standing at the parking lot, not bothered by the cars that passing by.

Scott figured that the Canadian goose didn’t move from the hazardous area because she had eggs to protect. Apparently, the mother goose will do anything for her children, even risking her own life. Not to mention that the mother’s mate watched over his family from the side.

Scott decided to share on Facebook this bizarre incident and his intentions to contact Animal Control but at the end, he didn’t to it.

Luckily, some other people got involved and tried to figure out ways to protect the mother goose and her precious eggs. Scott went back to the store a few days later and he was shocked by what he saw- one of the employees placed traffic cones in order to protect the goose family!

“On Sunday, April 14, 2019, I pulled into Walmart looking for a parking space. Blocking the road was an adult Canadian goose who was reluctant to move for a passing car. At first, I wondered if it was sick or injured because of its nonchalance to danger.”

“After shopping, I passed through that thoroughfare again to see if the goose was still meandering around. It was. I parked the car and took a closer look. On an island, surrounded by a flimsy, orange tape fence, was another goose comfortably seated on a nest of hay. It hissed at me.”

“Then I realized it was a female laying or incubating her eggs, and the other was her mate watching over her. I returned to the first goose who hissed, spread its wings and moved aggressively toward me, clearly protecting its future brood. I considered calling Animal Control to remove them for their safety.”

“A few days later, I returned to Walmart and was astonished by what I saw. The kind-hearted employees placed traffic cones, on either side, of the thoroughfare to allow the guardian to protect his family in safety, diverting traffic through the parking spaces.”

“The “people of Walmart” at 4620 E Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ have my sincerest thanks.”

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