Veteran Is About To End His Life Then Cat Comes And Turns It Around

Humans and pets share life-changing relationships. By that, we mean that while we change their lives, they impact our lives as well. 

Joshua Marnio is a veteran who severed in southwest Bagdad, Iraq. In one of the missions, there was an explosion ten feet away that left him with brain injury.

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Later he was relocated back to the US, and then the traumatic experiences from Iraq started to sink in. He developed a post-traumatic stress disorder “a lot of us come home without realizing that we bring the war home with us”. 

Marnio said that no one could understand how he felt, which made him feel isolated and depressed, “In a lot of cases having an invisible wound that nobody can see, you’re just not believed.”

The veteran felt that he couldn’t handle all the hardships he had been through. Then one day, he decided to leave a note and end his life. He typed the suicide note and went outside the base building to smoke his last cigarette, and then he heard a little meow. He saw a black and white cat who changed his life, Scout.

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He approached Marnio for started rubbing up against his leg and asked to be petted, then, “I stopped thinking about all my problems and started to think about all his problems, what I could do to help him?”

Mutual Rescue

Here’s the unforgettable story:

The feline was at the right and at the right time. He appeared as something affectionate that gave him a reason to keep holding on, something to look forward too everyday. He saved the veteran’s life.

Mutual Rescue

After his discharge, he moved back home to his girlfriend in Pitsburg where they already had three cats and now they are a ”big happy family”. He took Scout with him and a year later the couple got married. He made him want to better himself, he started to go out on his bike, eating healthy and stop smoking.

He went back to school and started to work in consulting and rehabilitating other veterans. Today he’s “serving at a different uniform”.

It’s incredible what magnificent impact animals have on us.

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