Vango Got Dognapped But Manged To Save Himself By Alerting The Petstore’s Staff

According to Yves Jodoin, a pet store worker and dog trainer from Gatineau Quebec, Canada – Vango has to be one of the smartest dogs out there. Vango, a beautiful Australian Shepherd, was dognapped from his owner’s backyard and managed to draw Jodion’s attention to the fact that he didn’t belong with the couple he entered the store with.

As soon as the couple walked into the store Vango began acting strangely. At first, Jodoin simply assumed the dog was hungry and gave him some cookies, but it didn’t stop him from barking.

Jodoin became even more suspicious when the couple failed to answer the most basic questions about the dog – his age, where they got him, what kind of food he eats, etc.

Fortunately, while Jodoin was distracting them with questions, his vigilant coworker – Lydia Blouin, also noticed that something was off. Lydia began checking social media for any reports on missing dogs and soon found that Vango was reported missing two hours before he arrived at their store. Lydia immediately yelled ‘Vango, come!’ and the dog reacted by jumping in excitement as if he was telling her – ”I’m not the dog they say I am”.

With their backs against the wall, the couple had no choice but confessing that the dog wasn’t theirs. They claimed that they’ve found the dog in the woods, and hoped to keep him as a support animal for the woman, who said she was in poor health.

Jodoin demanded that the couple would surrender the animal, and called Vango’s lawful owner -Josée Francoeur.

Francoeur said her dog disappeared after she’d let him out to pee in her fenced backyard. After a few minutes, when she noticed that her beloved dog didn’t return, she looked out the window and saw that he wasn’t there. “Even now I can’t talk about it without crying” Francoeur recalls.

Francoeur filed a police complaint against the couple because she wants them to understand the impact of their actions, with the hope of discouraging others from doing the same. 

Gatineau police said that they’re investigating the case, yet it’s going to be hard to prove that the couple intentionally dognapped Vango as oppose to finding him as they previously claimed.

Watch Joidoin’s full interview on CBS Canada :

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