Ups Driver Witnesses Individual Dumps a Poor Pup out of the Car

UPS drivers spend their days driving from one place to another, hurrying to deliver the mail as soon as possible.

One UPS driver had an awful surprise waiting for him along the road. When he noticed what was going on, the kind-hearted man rushed over to try and help.


As a sworn dog-lover, the UPS man couldn’t believe his eyes; he witnessed a person open his car door in the middle of the street, and dump a poor puppy out the door like she was a piece of garbage.


The UPS man was shocked but was determined to step up and help the pup. The innocent pooch was disoriented and scared. She didn’t know where to go and how to fend for herself.

The driver immediately parked his truck and took the sweet puppy into his vehicle. Harcrow, the UPS man was so relieved to see that the pooch was safe and sound and unharmed.

He saved the puppy’s life; He’s a true hero!

Harcrow took the puppy to the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter in Modesto, California, so they could start looking for a loving forever home for her.

Thankfully, it’s easy to find forever families for such sweet, young doggies, so the canine was adopted in no time.

We’re so happy that a story that started in a horrible way ended in such a happy note. We must remember that many pets are searching for stable and comfortable forever homes daily. Thus, we must help them and choose to adopt!

Let’s give a big shout out to the amazing UPS man, Jason Harcrow, for such an incredible person. He’s truly an inspiration to us, and we hope that many people like him will keep assisting pets in need every day.

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