UPS Driver Decides to Take a Picture With Every Dog on His Route

UPS driver proves that UPS personnel and dogs could be best friends!

It’s a known myth that UPS personnel and dogs are sworn, enemies. Whenever the mailman comes to the front door or leaves mail at a designated mailbox, you can see an annoyed, protective dog barks at them to stay away! 

This mailman, Jason Hardesty who is also an absolute canine lover, decided to prove the world that this stigma is wrong. Hardesty knows many UPS drivers who befriended with some of the dogs they encounter while doing their route. Some even take the time to pet them and give them delicious treats to brighten their day.

Although he had already bonded with most of the dogs on his route, Jason Hardesty, knew it just wasn’t enough. He knew that proving the world that dogs and UPS drivers are in reality best of friends, requires evidence.

Thus he had a lightbulb moment when he thought about taking pictures with every dog on his route. This decision has made many people fall in love with him and his adorable canine pals.

Moreover, Jason says that meeting these adorable creatures making his shift much better; whenever he gets to a house with a pooch, they already wait for him, knowing they’ll have some playtime.
He posted all of the photos on his Instagram page, not only to show that dogs and UPS drivers get along perfectly but to prove that they could also become loving friends. 

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