UPS Driver Adopts Favorite Dog On Her Delivery Route After His Owner Passes

Over time, delivery men and women get to know each and every person and pet along their delivery routes and build relationships with them. This UPS driver had a particular liking for one dog along her delivery route, so it came as no surprise to see how quickly she adopts him without giving it any second thoughts.

It was some time back in 2016, when Katie Newhouser, a UPS delivery driver, first met Leo in an apartment complex in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

It was love at first sight for Leo, who ran to greet his favorite delivery driver, whenever Newhouser drove by the complex. But it wasn’t just attention adorable Leo was after.

As it turns out, Leo loved taking rides in cars. Every time Newhouser would leave her truck to deliver a package, Leo would wait in her truck, asking to join the ride.

Needless to say that Newhouser never took him with her, but the pooch never gave up and kept trying to join her on her rides. One day, Newhouser spotted Leo walking with his human mama.

Newhouser pulled over to pet him and introduce herself, thus her relationship with his mother, Tina, began. The trio quickly became friends, but sadly, it wasn’t very long before things took a turn for the worse.

One day, Newhouser came back from a vacation when she saw Tina’s son, Cannon, loading a truck with Tina’s belonging. She didn’t really think much of it, as Tina mention she wanted to move.

It was only after Tina didn’t answer any of her calls, that Newhouser went on her Facebook and came to learn the bitter truth. Her friend Tina sadly passed away.

Knowing that Tina’s son was soon joining the Marine Corps, Newhouser grew worried about what would happen to her friend Leo. She contacted Tina’s son, Cannon, and offered to keep an eye on Leo while he goes into training.

Cannon happily accepted her offer, and Newhouser came to pick him up the next day. She knew that apart from her, Leo’s only other choice was being in a shelter.

She came to pick Leo up in her regular ‘civilian truck’, but Leo recognized her immediately, ran towards her, and leaped onto the front seat of her truck. He was happy, yet slightly confused.

Newhouser, who owns two other dogs, was initially worried about how her pack was going to handle the latest addition. As she soon learned, she had nothing to worry about. Her other dogs loved Leo and never had any issues with him.

Leo, on the other hand, clearly missed his mother. He whined for his mother for the first few nights. It broke Newhouser’s heart, mostly because she knew that there’s not much she can do to help him.

Leo still cries for Tina occasionally, but he’s overall very happy at Newhouser’s. He’s certainly one lucky pooch to have her in his life.

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