Unusual-Looking Dog With Permanent Smile Is About To Make Your Day

When you see this dog, you would be a bit confused about his breed orientation. 

Meet Chupey, a 2-year-old Rottweiler and pit bull mix that will surely make your day.

The sweet pup looks unusual; he has inside-out ears, tiny eyes, hairless skin, and most importantly, he was born with a permanent smile. His rescuer, Kaley Carlyle thinks that he looks like chupacabra of Mexican folklore, so she named him “Chupey”. Besides his special look, the adorable dog was emaciated and had liver malfunctions.

It wasn’t the first time Carlyle had rescued a puppy. In fact, a while back, she rescued a litter of baby dogs from the same breeder. Only that in this time, the breeder made a deal with the rescuer; if the breeder spayed Chupey’s mom, the rescuer would take the sweet disabled dog under her wing.

Chupey’s health condition led him to sleep all day long (23 hours a day), but when Carlyle took him in, she made him a special diet plan that would better his health.

These days, the smiling pup flourishes and lives an incredible life with his rescuer. Chupey is super friendly and affectionate; he loves following Carlyle and watch her actions during the day. He was given plenty of warm clothes that will make him warm during the winter.

With so much love that surrounds him, he loves to cuddle and be petted. He won’t allow people to snuggle with a blanket without including him.

The joyful pooch captured people’s hearts with his charming smile and has drawn more than 11K followers on Instagram!

Carlyle surely doesn’t judge the book by its cover, she looks inside Chupey’s soul and sees who he truly is. She hopes to inspire people to adopt and foster special needs dogs for they are just incredible.

To see more smiles of this charming dog follow him on Instagram or Facebook. 

Watch the adorable video of playful Chupey enjoys his new life:

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