Unknown Individual Puts Miniature Hats On Pigeons As Local Rescue Works To Remove Them

“The rodeo is in town.”

Some people do things that make us question what is going on with this world?! People around Las Vegas has come across pigeons with tiny cowboy hats on their head.

Robert Lee via Storyful

It turned out that someone has been putting miniature cowboy hats on pigeons’ heads, but no one knows why. Robert Lee was the one who recorded the unlikely scenario. He has no idea what was behind the footage. 

One day Lee noticed something red on the pigeon’s head, and as he came near the bird, he was shocked to learn it was a tiny cowboy hat.

Watch the pigeons and their cowboy hats here:

KVVU reported that an animal rescue and Lofty Hopes, a pigeon advocacy group are worried that the hats will have negative impacts on the pigeons. Although it looks cute, it can harm the sweet birds in many ways. 

The animal advocacy organization’s slogan is “a pigeon positive movement.” Mariah Hillman, who runs the organization, says that they have been working to track down the pigeons and remove their hats.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown who is the individual who puts the cowboy hats on the birds’ heads. They still haven’t figured whether the hats are glued to their heads. Some are concerned that the hats will harm the birds; it might attack predators or impede their flight.

The organization shared the video that was posted on the Las Vegas Locally Facebook page, showing several pigeons wearing hats. They asked people to contact the number posted on the organization’s page.

  1. Yes the hats and the pigeons are real….and so are the idiots gluing them on their heads making it not only a crime of abuse but the birds cannot see their surroundings as well making them subject to being eaten by bigger birds(and the red hats make them more visible) and possibly flying into things to be hurt or killed.If God wanted them to have hats they would have been hatched wearing them. Leave nature be. Work on yourselves being decent humans and spend money on shelters instead of useless hats.

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