United States Determined: Animal Abusers Will Be Registered Like Sex Offenders

While in some countries, animal abuse draws more attention and awareness, several American jurisdictions have enacted laws that will help to protect animals from being abused. From now on, in some states, the names of animal abusers will be listed in a registry that is similar to sex offenders’ registry.


The registries were designed to prevent animal abusers from having the chance to harm them in the future. The incredible addition to the law is welcomed in a number of places such as New York City and Tampa.

Now animal shelters, rescue, and adoption organizations can check whether a potential adopter abused animals before. Adopters are now required to sign an affidavit that ensures that they aren’t registered as animal abusers.\


Plus, if you want to leave your pet for a few days with a pet sitter, you can now check whether the candidates have abused animals before.

Unfortunately, the registries aren’t required in all states, but we hope that more and more states will join the fight and save animals from being abused.


Now, people who consider harming animals would think twice before doing that because the registry is at their backs! What amazing news.

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