Unbelievable: Cat Shrine With Cat Monks Is Established In Japan

While Japan is one of the most interesting places to travel, it gives us one more reason to pay a visit. Have you ever felt like your cat thinks they’re better than you and even dominate you at times?

Feline lovers should make their next travel destination to the Far East because Nyan Nyan Ji (Meow Meow Shrine in English) in Kyoto, Japan, is waiting just for you.

We are talking about a huge cat monk full of your favorite animal and their assistants.

Meet Koyuki, the head of the cat monk of Meow Meow Shrine and the most popular cat at the temple. She is the third generation of cat monks and she does her job incredibly.

The head feline loves socializing with other cat worshipers too. Those who pay a visit at the monk will get the chance to greet the head cat monk and order food and drinks that are cat-themed.

The unique temple was established in 2016 by Toru Kaya, a talented painter who is known for painting shrines and temples and styled the cat-themed temple.

Moreover, you can see beautiful drawings and statues that feature cats and get some cat souvenirs at the shop “Littlefootmark Ren.”

The staff consists of 7 dedicated felines and many cat assistants wandering around the temple and enjoy getting human attention.

Those who are interested in stopping by the magical cat temple are welcomed at this address: 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Stop by the cat’s temple Facebook page and Instagram account.

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